Emergencies, Pediatric, Diabetic & Comprehensive Eye Exams
Dry Eye Specialists​
Dry eyes is a common condition seen here in Chicago. Luckily, there are many treatment options available offered at Bespoke ranging from punctal plugs to other in office-procedures. 
From Diabetes to eye emergencies, we offers the full range of services like school vision reports for children, diabetic eye exams with dilation, driver's license exams, CDL exams etc.

Contact lenses
Retinal Imaging​
New to contact lenses? Frustrated with your contact lens experiences? Come in and try on the newest technology of lenses if reading and near tasks become troublesome. Also offered are colored contact lenses, and for astigmatism.

Our eyes are the only place we can see the characteristics of our blood vessels, without performing surgery. How your blood vessels look in your eyes, is similar to how they are throughout the body. Therefore, it is important to take pictures of your retina, to appreciate changes over time.